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Purpose is an AI & robotics training provider. Our goal is to train talent in Palestine and worldwide in preparation for the fourth industrial revolution and the AI future.

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Student, Senior Level, Ramallah

I've always had an interest in robotics and coding. Through these courses with the help of my trainers and colleagues I've developed many skills in the tech field. I am pleased to be a part of Purpose academy where I learn and create. I encourage people to join Purpose to get connected to the robotics & future world.


Student, Senior Level, Ramallah

My experience in Purpose academy was really entertaining. I had lots of fun learning new stuff and trying different kinds of subjects in the robotics industry. Enrolling in it was a choice with no regrets. It was a little bit difficult at the beginning but day by day it got easier. I think that everyone should try it at least once in life. It's worth all the time and effort you give it.


Student, Junior Level, Ramallah

My experience in Purpose has been really good and positive. Purpose is the place where you can do whatever you want with the power of science and technology. This place has never failed to impress me.


Teacher, Dar Al-Kalima School, Bethlehem

This is one of the top companies that i’ve worked with. Purpose offers a professional well run training courses, the course i took offered complete knowledge about the topic, and the trainers helped the teachers all the way. I would highly recommend it.


ICT Teacher, Lutheran School of Hope, Ramallah

Introducing robotics programs within our students' extracurricular interests was one of our school’s development plans. We had a successful experience and fruitful cooperation with Purpose and its distinguished staff, which had a positive impact on our students’ skills.


Computer Engineering Student, Birzeit University

Purpose courses paved a way for me, it taught me things I may not otherwise have learned in university, it introduced me to experts and colleagues who have passion and love for learning.


Student, Junior Level, Ramallah

I have taken 3 levels of courses with Purpose, and I’ve learned so many things that seem complicated but aren’t. I find it really fun to build and code these robots, so I always advise others to learn this stuff.


Student, Senior Level, Ramallah

I have always been interested in coding and robotics. This course developed my passion into an actual skill. Furthermore, it encouraged me to pursue a career in computer engineering, even-though as a female, a career in STEM comes with a lot of hardships, but the continuous support from the Purpose Community gave me hope and determination. overall it was a really inspirational experience, and i truly wish to see more girls interested in the field.


Student, Junior Level, Ramallah

This course has been very positive for me in my quest for education. I have learnt skills that now amaze people and I have a concept for the future. The teachers, the things I've gained and learned, and my social experiences have all been positive. This course increases intelligence and knowledge on the devices we use on a daily basis so in the future we have a better understanding of this teachnology.


Student, Senior Level, Ramallah

I’ve learned a lot through my experiences with Purpose academy, i enjoyed the instructors method of teaching and gained knowledge about the correct usage and components of the devices we used in class, i’ve come to learn more about the changing technology in our world through fun, interactive hands on experience that we did through projects during our classes. Most importantly i’ve learned basic coding and programming skills as well as identifying problems and solving them.